The Tompkins’ Advantage

Why buy a Tompkins®?

Industry Experts Since 1846

With numerous individuals with extensive experience in the knitting industry (some for as many as 44+ years), Tompkins USA has the ability to inform, supply and support clients for all of their machine needs. When you call you speak with someone directly in our New York offices, not somewhere else.

They Just Work

Often called the ‘Cadillac of Circular Knitting’, the Tompkins® machines do what they are built to do, do it well and keep running. You won’t find flimsy metal, brittle plastics, thin wires or poor castings on a Tompkins® machine; we make them strong, we make them to last.

As a testament to the quality and robustness many machines to this day are still running after 80+ years. You can be confident that a Tompkins® won’t disappoint you.

Interchangeable Diameters

Why buy a completely new machine for new projects when you can use one you already have? With Tompkins® interchangeable diameter technology you can reuse any machine across a range of sizes at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

*Tompkins® Interchangeable diameters can occur within each Frame size. Please contact a Tompkins USA representative for details.

American Made Quality

Since 1846 Tompkins USA has been providing high quality products, service and expertise that is renowned and coveted Worldwide. Hand-made to exacting standards and precision, Tompkins USA takes pride in what we produce.

Proprietary Hardening Processes

There is often more than meets the eye. Tompkins USA goes above and beyond to provide the most robust products available. This means less wear and tear and less downtime for more production and efficiency.

Tompkins USA is proud of the details that goes into each of our products, many of which you’d never know are present.

Immediate Parts Availability

With a stocked parts department and an efficient fulfillment system you will never be short on parts. We ship from Syracuse New York, Not from overseas.

Please contact us for all of your parts needs.

More Production per Square Foot

All Tompkins® machines are engineered to be efficient in production, but also in operation planning. The relatively small footprint of the Tompkins® machines allows for better floor planning, more machine capacity and ultimately, a smarter way to work.

Project Consulting and Collaboration

Tompkins USA is more than a machine supplier; we partner and promote collaboration on projects with clients. If you have questions, concerns or would like help in developing the next best innovation we are here to help!

Training and Education

Starting Q1 2016 Tompkins USA will offer courses to educate as a way of contributing to the industry. By leveraging the experience and knowledge of our incredible staff we hope to keep the industry moving forward while helping with the understanding of circular knitting in general, and how to keep your Tompkins® running efficiently.

Smart Engineering

Due to a unique cambox design, Tompkins® machines run cooler and more efficiently than others, negating downtime caused by overheating and binding within closed box designs.

Utilization of modern 4+ axis machinery and advanced CAD software allows for Smart Engineering design details like this and other innovations that will keep your Tompkins® machines reliable and productive.

Fabric Modification

Tompkins® machines offer far greater flexibility to modify the configurations available to knit numerous, different types of fabrics.

This flexibility advantage allows you to maximize the utility of your Tompkins® machine and diversify your offerings from one machine.

Proven Longevity of Consumables

Tompkins® machines have proven to incur far less needle and sinker wear. New cylinder design also results in lower cost and time for service replacement.

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