Tompkins Global® GCJ Circular Jacquard

Jacquard Circular knitting machine for custom hat and scarf production

Tompkins Global® GCJ Circular Jacquard introduces new a new line of machines that will help you to further produce unique products for your customers. This machine will allow for the production of custom hats and scarves to meet the demands of customers for a unique, tailored product.

With machinery, parts, service and training available directly from our location in Syracuse, NY this is the best option for your circular jacquard needs. Please contact us for more details, a demo and samples from our GCJ-Series machine.

  • Knit Headwear
  • Knit Scarves
  • Custom Branded Knit Material
Machine Specifications
Height (with optional creel) 72 in. (182.9cm) to top side of creel
Width 36 in. (91.4cm)
Length (with optional creel) 60 in. (152.4cm)
At Floor 36 in. x 60 in. (91.4cm x 152.4cm)
Weight 1150 pounds (512.63kg)
Horsepower 2.0
Drive System Electronic AC Motor Controller with smooth start and stop.
Standard Electrics All modes 220 volts, single or 3 phase, 50/60 hertz power (voltage range 253-188). If other operating voltage is required, please contact Tompkins USA.
Positive Storage Feeder System With input and output stop motions, tensioner and knot catcher – standard.
Fabric Collection Vacuum assisted extraction.>
Machine Speeds Start, stop and jog.
Needle Detectors Standard on all models.
Lubrication System Standard on all models.
Safety Roll Shutoff Standard on all models.
Diameter Model No. No. Feeds RPM* Cut (Needles/Inch)
7 inch (17.78 cm) GCJ07 14 80-120 144-368
8 inch (20.32 cm) GCJ08 14 80-120 144-368
9 inch (22.86 cm) GCJ09 14 80-120 144-368
10 inch (25.40 cm) GCJ10 14 80-120 144-368

*Machine RPM is dependent on yarn quality and fabric configuration.

  • Pending

*Photos may not be of model selected and include optional features.

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