Tompkins® Model J – Frame II

Latch Needle Sinker Top, Single Knit Machine

A proven and robust Jersey circular knitting machine offering impressive speed and reliability, the Model J is used in a variety of industries for apparel, industrial filtration, food processing, medical and for countless others applications. With the versatility of interchangeable diameters from 11 to 16 inches, the Model J is able to produce multiple products on one platform allowing for improved operational efficiency, produced material and investment return.

– 11″ to 16″ available in 6 Interchangeable Diameters

  • Food Processing
  • Filters
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Headbands, Wristbands
  • Medical Terry Applications
Machine Specifications
Height 105 in. (266.70cm) to top of Side Creel Tubes
Width – Outside Diameter at Positive Storage Feeders 60 in. (152.4cm)
At Floor 37 in. x 38in. (94.0cm x 96.5cm
Weight 1700 pounds (771kg)
Horsepower 2.0
Drive System Tompkins Electronic AC Motor Controller with smooth start and stop.
Standard Electrics All modes 220 volts, single or 3 phase, 50/60 hertz power (voltage range 253-188). If other operating voltage is required, please contact Tompkins USA.
Needle Cut Groups 16, 18, 24, 28
Track Singe and Two Track
Positive Storage Feeder System With input and output stop motions, tensioner and knot catcher – standard.
Fabric Collection – Electronic 2 roll balanced takedown system to reduce vibration at high speeds with precision fabric rollup for 24 inch diameter roll.
Interchangeable Heads – Rapid Change System All diameters of the Frame Size II range of 11 to 16 inches. For example: The knitting head of an 11 inch diameter machine can be easily replaced with a 16 inch diameter knitting head.
Drop Gates For easy accessibility.
Machine Speeds Start, stop and jog with three programmable jog speeds.
Needle Detectors Standard on all models.
Mist Oil Lubrication System Projectile lubricator with auto flush system.
Safety Roll Shutoff Standard on all models.
Diameter Model No. No. Feeds RPM* Cut (Needles/Inch)
11 inch (27.94cm) J1144 44 109 16-32
12 inch (30.48cm) J1248 48 100 16-32
13 inch (33.02cm) J1352 52 92 16-32
14 inch (35.56cm) J1456 56 86 16-32
15 inch (38.10cm) J1560 60 80 16-32
16 inch (40.64cm) J1664 64 75 16-32

*Machine RPM is dependent on yarn quality and fabric configuration.

  • Preset revolution counter
  • Lycra feed system
  • Omnidirectional warning light system – 2 color
  • Lock-out switch – manual motor starting switch setup for manual lockout
  • Standard range of voltages available (380, 416, 480 and 550)
  • Upper level multi-direction lint single fan link blowing system
  • Multi-speed positive storage feeding system

*Photos may not be of model selected and include optional features.

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